Thursday, September 3, 2020

Anti-Valentines Day Quotes and Sayings

Against Valentine's Day Quotes and Sayings Love is on special. Check out you on Valentines Day. Each retailer is capitalizing on the Valentines Day carnival. Kitschy love cards, massive teddy bears, and generalized heart-molded inflatables fill the air. The main ones snickering, their way to the banks, are the ones who couldn't care less about the warm inclination called love. They just think about cool, hard, money. Appreciate these enemies of Valentines Day adages and fake the world on Valentines Day. W. Somerset Maugham, A Writers Notebook Love is just a filthy stunt played on us to accomplish continuation of the species. Jay Leno Today is Valentines Day. Or on the other hand, as men like to call it, coercion day. Josã © Ortega y Gasset We become hopelessly enamored when our creative mind ventures nonexistent flawlessness upon someone else. At some point, the dream vanishes and with it, love passes on. Love is selectiveness, determination. Bonnie Raitt I cannot make you love me, on the off chance that you dont. J. Geils Band Love smells. Laurell K. Hamilton Love sucks. Here and there it feels better. Once in a while its simply one more approach to drain. William Shakespeare The course of genuine affection never ran smooth Mother Teresa There is an awful yearn for affection. We as a whole encounter that in our lives-the torment, the forlornness. We should have the fearlessness to remember it. Lauren Hammond You, my dear, are an animal of the night, you are a vampire.