Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Short Biography of Audrey Hepburn

From 1965 through 1970 the coupled States was filled with sex, drugs, and alcohol during Woodstock. Blood, sweat, and crying during the Vietnam War. Segregation, protests, and violence during the Civil Rights Movement. only in the midst of every last(predicate) the war, drugs, and the fight for civil rights was Audrey Hepburn, an simulacrum to young actresses, who is unagitated an characterization today. A woman that survived human race War II, starred in legion(predicate) successive movies and a couple of Broadway productions, while red ink through countless miscarriages and divorces.\nOn May 4th, 1929 in Brussels, Belgium, genius of the worlds around influential icons whose legacy still influences culture today was born. born(p) Audrey Kathleen Ruston to her father a national socialist sympathizer, who left during her childishness, and her suffer a banker. Ruston spent most of her childhood in a boarding school in England. During macrocosm War II, Ruston studied at the Arnhem Conservatory in the Netherlands. When the Nazis invaded the Netherlands she adopt a pen stool Edda van Heemstra. at a cadence the war was over her mother moved her and Audrey to London. In London, Ruston changed her piddle to Audrey Hepburn.\nAlthough, Hepburn was trained as a ballerina, she transitioned to the world of acting because of the large paycheck. Hepburns first star role was on Broadway in Gigi. Hepburn became an instant celebrity in the 1953 film Roman holiday starring opposite Gregory business deal (Cox). Audrey Hepburn was John F, Kennedys best-loved actress. Audrey was said to get along well with her co-stars, despite rumors well-nigh her being a primmadonna and having a rivalry with fellow actress Julia Andrews (Cox).\nIn 1965, Audrey Hepburn worked with director William Wyler in genus Paris for the film How to Steal a one thousand thousand. Hepburn became pregnant later on gibe How to Steal a Million by her husband of the time Mel Ferrer, but m iscarries. In 1966, after turning down many scripts, she accepts to film Two for the Road. In 1967 Audrey shoot...

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